Conflict and the mind of a man who demands power.

Russia February 2022. Putin who suffers Napoleon syndrome is sabre rattling his position and using Nato as the evil army at his door to top effect. For 70 years Nato has watched Moscow closely. Nothing is new but to show Nato as the war monger helps him both internally and in counties he intends to invade to build back the old Russian block. He will then rise as Emperor on his golden throne. Baltic states may lose independence yet again in the grab for land.

Putin has murdered all who came to stand up to him or take over his position. He says he is a student of history but fails to see that 1856 Treaty signed by Russia as defeated army in the Crimea war of 1854-55. Britain France and Prussia told Russian Royalty and Government if ever they advance into Ukraine and Crimea they would loose all Russia in return .

seems Im blocked from publishing Russia advance photos

Putin thinks no one will bother but to take out Moscow is childs play for west. He may have millions of trained troops and Britain has halved her army . I do not think for one moment troops will be used to great extent in a modern war.

America Australia Canada India England and Sweden Norway and Finland to face him. How lucky does the hopeful Emperor feel now.

Let him do all he wants and we destroy the fabric of his homeland while its being done. He cannot spread himself so thin and even if he will its over for the saddest man in the world who lives only to be top dog on the shit heap of power .

All that training. all the tricks he has shown us; but we have not spoken yet.

His eyes on what Russia stole in last world war.The Baltic nations and Poland almost . He wants .It is his Pirate nation leaders than took Baltic ,slaughtered many sent to Siberia the rest leaving only the fittest to farm the now owned lands to grow food for Russian over lords .House they occupied are only now being handed back to the Latvian families who were robbed .

Churchill hated Joe Stalin rightly so as the iron curtain fell over Europe so the world could not witness the most evil slaughter of the Baltic nations .Nor the murders of 6 million public including Joes own people in Georgia .

Baltic Russians not known or recognized by Russian troops will be killed just as Latvians will . The gap between them wider than the city of Riga instead of joining together against this as men not animals.

A house divided against itself cannot stand .

Today we are perhaps closer to war than in that last 70 years or so since the last world war. Yes Putin is only rattling sabres hope in heart Nato will leave and allow him to get on with his plans of takeover. Then the training of armies and the way they creep closer to Ukraine and the gates of Riga is worrying . What is in Putins mind is take over to be crowned Tzar of all the Russians . Nothing short of that .

To take Ukraine lines him up to take Poland, Hungary and a straight line into Berlin . He then can spread into Riga and capture Baltic then he has his Empire . It is what this man desires most and is his life dream . Napoleon was greater but soon fell to the allied army under Wellington . Russia will fall even sooner but not before it has its day .

Will he make his move known .Yes indeed he will .Will we move to black him ,no we will take out his Moscow with just two men. SAS have never stopped training in Britain and Canada Russias back door. I say this to Putin your a prize idiot and as with all small men you have to prove your a giant .

If EU declare Ukraine and Crimea EU nation it keeps Putin from war. He has somehow lied to the Chinese Government and now has them on his side . He demands NATO leave Europe making it so easy for the big land grab to go ahead .

It leaves that Baltic and Poland unprotected not just Ukraine but Chinese may not have seen that depending on how sly Putin was in talks .

I could be cold war but I think Putin wants war on his own terms. Things we dont know are in the mixer but for us we can only wait and see our fate .

Kruschev promised Russians Crimea to keep his power job. He knew it was not Russias to give but it gave him more years in power.

I now ask all nations public to see one goal we unite as one mighty force and sweep the evil greed who rule over us all into the sea .See us not as nations but as Gods children at last united as a family unit .Be you black ,white Yellow or pink God made you sisters and brothers . We can do this I promise if all want change at same time .A wave that will rise that will wash the sin from this earth . No violence to stoop to the level of our leaders .Shoulder to shoulder a forceful mighty push forward all over the world . If you say it cant be done it will echo across empty space .So think positive we can do this . It is overdue this lost freedom to build a new world order that has no master only it Utopia or is it today finely arriving ?

God be with us all .

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022

The Latvian winter.

Left my house in rural wilds under heavy snow. I drove with great care the 89 miles through Riga city centre over the river bridge to find no road visible the other side. Imanta road end a skating rink but after some detours into Babita I found my way to my great friends houses.

A valley on end of busy city that once through the opening gates is another world of gardens and holiday lodges,house and log cabin with now another large bungalow being built. Gary and his wife Elana welcomed me and my 3 days with them went too fast . I met Russian and Latvian with English all happy in talks over warm wines. The dinners and friendships made my time so precious that when snow fell hard I hated to leave .The thought of the drive home ,however nice, was a blank out.Hens to feed jobs to do I said my found farewells and left on Saturday to engage the brain in combat with the weather. I arrived home safe no real problem and only two slides and near misses on the way back .We English have no training in such as this.

Here nothing comes to a dead stop like at home in England.Here not as rich the Latvian takes it as normal. After 9 years perhaps I too am changing into taking it in my stride .One cannot just sit at home all winter one must have a life.Snow ice and minus 34c is all winter so one must adapt. It is rather pushing the boat out without a sail but it works if care is taken not to panic if the odd spin or slide happens. Hit nothing yet. Never had an accident and driven in many nations may have helped me survive. High gear low revs and head in the right direction is the art of deep snow driving .Spade and sacks and some sand just in case, in boot of car .

I stay with Gary and Elena in the main house not shown .This photo is of a guest house on his estate for paying guests .All set in gardens some wood cabin homes and 4 bed house. Booked up most of year. Forest Edge.Imanta.Riga Latvia EU if your interested in booking.

It was good to sit in front of a raging fire and sip spiced Swedish hot wine to warm up at home. Here its a way of life .I do not like drink but this warms the body so fast that I agree a cup of it helps the blood circulate . So my friends winter in Latvia is as it is .Warm hats warm clothing and its fine .Looking forward to Summer . Bless all of you. I thank God for life.

Yours most lovingly Sir K.

COPYRIGHT.kevin Parr Bt2022

The missing files

We can go right back to the day the driver of president JFK changed the official route of the drive in city of Dallas . This told me and most sensible minded peoples that it was a planed job. So two men had to die even after the President lay dead. One the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald shot dead to silence him by ex CIA man retired Jack Ruby .He himself was chosen as he had cancer and life expected of just two months.

The shots that connected with Kennedys head came from 3 separate directions and why that car was diverted from planed route as ambush .CIA headed an intelligence agency hit of the President for some un kown but suspected reason .

We all suspected at the time this was the case and was connected to death of even actress Marilon Munrow. Too much pillow talk was listed as reason that she knew too much of what both Kennedy brothers may have told her of world events. Both men were using her for sex over same period of time.

John Kennedy was a serial womanizer so maybe that latter was not so important but murdered she was anyway. So was it the Cuba missile crisis that sparked this off?

We will not fully know until CIA release the files. Now we are getting to the base of this . Trump ordered all the papers related to JKF murder to be available to public. CIA handed over some files but withheld many more .Trump then set a release date on all files and papers by December 2021 but incoming Joe Biden cancelled this. We know it was CIA who murdered a serving leader in office. Only thing we dont fully understand is why?

Yours Sir K.

copyright Kevin James Parr ,Bt2022

Case against Royal Duke.

We have it from the accuser hidden deep in Australia that Prince Andrew a war hero and family man had sex with her underage. This cannot in any stretch of the imagination be seen as true.Even the accuser one Virginia Roberts Guiffre told the world she fist meet the Prince when aged 17. .Let me point out that In UK age on sexual consent is 16. In New York 17 . So how can court suggest it as underage sex.? No one can.

As far as he abused her its her word against his and Id fight it rather than pay her . She awaited for the right moment when this Maxwell case appeared . If she really was assaulted she would have brought charges right away. She is a devil in disguise of an over sized mattress in a dress .hard looking eyes and only Daddy loves her .She brings if all on, then hides down under not even attending a trail .

If he did or did not, a good lawyer could get him off charges. He may have had sex but the accuser in the only photo of her with Prince is happy smiling and care free in the image of a young girl at easy with life . Andrew looks stunned as if she had just be thrown at him.

Her father says she is telling the truth ,But as a concerned parent where was he when the supposed sex traffic accused Maxwell grabbed her to train in sex slave market.? Did he even miss her or did he sanction it? Questions more than answers make this case open to fight a good corner .

The problem is Maxwell as a very British Subject cannot legally be judged in another nation when she lives in London England. Court in London must take the case. Then can be used as witness and this is what New York do not want. In fact holding Maxwell while the woman who ran down a British male then reversed over him killing the boy outright and fled to America must be judged in England under what New York Court is getting up to. Then USA refuse to do that.

If Prince was this real bad egg painted by the fat accuser now in her 30s she would be dead by now and end of ordeal for our playful Prince. If he pays her off ,not a thing says she will not be back for more .One only has to look at her now to know she is after big money with green eyes on our Royal family. This must end now.

I recall in Falklands the bravery of Andrew as Helicopter pilot who would leave no one behind .Under fire and with Argi war planes in air space he took us out ..

That man is a war hero .One mistake he makes may kill him as he worries badly about things and peoples. It is one reason this woman aimed at him for payout in millions. One expensive whore in fact .Once she accepts the pay out she is that whore as it paid for any sex with her.

You see America had no power over Britain it is a nation of cowboys of many nationalities a Heinz 57 of an oufit who cant even say justice exists .They hold the murderer who should be ,must be tried in England as it happened in England or hand over Maxwell now. No time like today to show these Yanks who really is the boss. We did not steal our nation from anyone its ours .They stole America from the Red Indian tribesmen. Murdered them raped their women and scalped them for the making of wigs in Paris France at top prices paid . Dont allow these American courts to take over English subjects either guilty or not are 50 times better blooded than their jailers are.

President Trump was friend of Epstein too .He attended at least two parties on his island .Photos prove this along with many others if all is told . So If Prince Andrew was there no big surprise as the host was not thought of by anyone at that stage as an evil man .When Prince Andrew found he was he dropped him like a stone. We all can make mistakes but to hound Prince Andrew is only for no reason .He is rich and something to loose so he will pay out.

Sex traffice, where is this womans proof even of that .Daddy did not know she was out of bed. Look at him as a cowboy in the big hat .One man who would not allow his daughter out of his sight at 17 I bet. He either knew or she is lying all the way to jail .it is a great case with lots of fight in it great for who ever he picks to destroy her .

No crime was committed here. .The photo shows her smiling consent and the other side made a big mistake using that image .

If Prince Andrew reads this do not worry England will not allow this to happen just get story straight and employ a bulldog with recorded wins in this matter. He can eat them alive as up to now six big mistakes I see in this story on their side makes it almost slam dunk without sweat . You brought me home ,now let me return the favour .

Best wishes to all in this New Year of challenge and change .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 2022

The facts and Natalie Wood

Nov 1981 off coast of California . Only two people stood arguing violently in the main room on that ship. Heard by many it seems .The row was over the presence of actor Christopher Walken . She had played soft and easy with him all that day .Laughing and joking closely with Walken . For her husband Wagner this was hell to see. He had not invited Walken she had . Now Roberts mind was playing him badly . Walken left to go to his cabin shortly after the start up of a massive argument between man and wife

We can read all the facts that have milled around ever since this major star left earth. The only part that truly matters is the last five minutes of her life.

We need look no further either. Walken of Denis the captain of this ship own be Wagon and his wife. no witness report even matters. Two of them argued loud and furious then suddenly silence . He had struck her hard as he had before and down she went. He dressed her in a sea jacket and lowered slowly off the platform into the cold dark sea.He let loose and then did same with the life boat. He then ran back into the main cabin and sat down just in time for Walken to march in. He was crying by now and as Denis the captain came slowly in ordered a sweep of the ship to find his wife. This gave him time to invent a story. Walken had perhaps put two and two together and suggested when the dingy was found missing that they called the coast guard .Wagon did not want this said give her time she may be in town drinking. It is unsure only on one point that is : did Wager know she was dead or hoped she would freeze in the cold sea. Which ever he banned all moves as if he did not wish to find her.

Walken was the blame for Robert Wagners anger so he left and told him self he knew nothing. He did not want anything to do with Wagnor or the case ever again. Wagner is 90 now and my guess he will repent on his death bed. He was a violent man in anger we are assure. A few have said as much at times about Bob.

She had married him and then dumped him and years later remarried him but she had said he wanted to killer once or twice. If one looks close at this case if Robert did not do as I said he did then who did. Natalie in her bed clothes would not have gone swimming in or out of that dingy. She was put there out of the ship by someone and that someone must be Robert Wagner as none of the others involved where near that room that argument raged on in and one man could have slipped her dead or held dead body in a jacket over her nightgown and silently slipped her into the sea from that room . It could be done no other way and so Robert Wagner is guilty as it is no brainer situation .She had told many people he wanted to killer over a period .He did in the end as she was too up market and independent he just could not control her as he wished to .

Thank you it is my theory on the facts that are on record unless she was pushed by an unearthly hand Wagner was the last person with her . Yet he walks free even today. Making mockery out of law and justice.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan2022

The truth about a Royal marriage.

I may risk beheading but I feel as an historian I need to tell this story now .

Prince Charles meet Camilla Shand in 1960s London .For some 18 months they both loved each other as soul mates. Charles as happy as ever told his Uncle Dickie ,To us Lord Louis of Burma. The older Viceroy of India too. But in fact Charles uncle was furious . Said Charles had pick of the Realm and not to take on a commoner .Charles demanded he loved Camilla .

What transpired was wicked as Charles was parceled off into Royal navy and Camilla was told to marry another . Charles tried hard to contact her from any port his ship docked around world. All contact was blocked to him by power that was.

He is said to have cried on news his soulmate was wed to Parker Bowls an army office who was in fact Princess Annes boy friend at time. You can see where this is going.

He was told when he finished his years at sea that he must marry to have heir to throne . His wife would be chosen for him by his grandmother the Old Queen of England. She was friend of Spencer family and had promised a match .Dianna was chosen by both sides .Charles was somewhat trapped as he had just won the impossible by contact with Camilla against the total wall of silence that had been cemented into place. He liked Dianna well but held back and his father told him, enough, either ask the girl to marry you or give her up. Royal duty son is your job here.

So all moved into place and we know the rest .One heir one spare born . By now Camilla was on the scene but refused to be any other than his best friend .

It was insufferable as he knew he was making Dianna sad. He told her his mind but she refused to take leave. Going her own way injured in pride in woman hood she presented a persona to the public and talked openly of her problems which should never have happened really. We British do not hang out dirty washing on the line for all to see. What goes on in a marriage is no ones business but man and wife to short out. She had done her job had given Charles an heir and back up and did not love him nor him her . Acting like a wounded deer in the headlights of on coming traffic made her the darling of the newshounds but she constantly hated them that she was pandering to. One mixed up lady. If she had sense she would have taken a huge income and bowed out with two manor houses and staff for rest of her life taken care of.

Charles was free and back to the world of love he had known in youth with Camilla . It was not as news said an evil deed it was truest love between them. Camilla of Shand Kidd wallpaper empire family richest commoner in the Kingdom she loved horses and hounds as did Charles so loved the world of hunting. A most kindred spirit .She was all he ever desired.

It had taken half a life time to be with her but they made it happen and fate allowed the fact to mature . Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess and future Queen are happy so why not let them be so .News is a sensation maker hardly ever all the truth is the nature of the beast and why I have never read a newspaper in my life . Facts only make a story and this is the greatest love story ever made in Royal circles .Even outside few can claim the similar story of sheer determination that brought two lovers back together. God had a hand in this I am sure .

I just though best to set the story straight as many still judge them when they have no right to. This true story I am privy to with nothing left out.

I do not deal with the death of Dianna as it seems to me it was planed but Charles nor the palace had nothing to do with it. My best guess is Secret service and the gangster connection with Fied family. She was sleep walking into a life of crime with Dodi and how knows the complications that may be well hidden by this sudden death no matter how sad it is Treat to nation is always the job of the keepers. No one knows what is top and this must not be questioned in interests of safety and defense of the peoples. I have opened this up to all as it may well be and leave well alone thereafter. God protect England .

Yours faithfully, Sir Kevin. My best wishes to all for a great New Year to all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022


A movie was in motion of being made by a group of American actors. Wild West action called by title RUST.

We are left to believe that a hand pistol of old. A peace maker .45 Colt action gun as handed to Actor who them aimed it as a person and fired a live round that hit a lady in the chest and killed her instantly and injured another by stander.

That is the case in question.

What caused this action is unsure.

They tell us as no live rounds are ever around on a set. Yet the armourer was to later say that she checked and loaded the gun with blank rounds about two hours prior and found the last round to be hard to load insert into the chamber. That would have alarmed me and would have reported before stripping the gun right down and looking at that chamber closely.However she did not bother and forced the shell into the gun barrel and said nothing. She admits she did not again check this weapon before handing it to main actor Director Alec Baldwin.

It was not made clear why Baldwin wanted the gun before scene was in motion. He then said the gun went off he did not touch the trigger? Yet he aimed the gun at the assistant first ? This hints to me he must have pulled the trigger.

No gun goes off by itself and why aim at an assistant in the film set. Something is very wrong here and the whole cast and crew set up by Baldwin seems to be the start of this case. For instance he hires a girl not fully trained and with limited experience of being fully responsible for weapons on set . We must see this as strange. The trouble she then had loading this gun before filming ever starts and Baldwin wants to handle the gun. He had asked long before it all came to be what gun would be used in his part on set. When told a Colt .45 he smiled. Those are the facts .The assistant is dead and another actor wounded all because Baldwin took hold of the gun and aimed it at one person . In that action all hinges. That fact he said he did not touch the trigger not touch nor press it.

However why did he aim this dangerous weapon at this person. Then we have to see why the gun went off? It did not fire as it was handed to him it did not fire as he held it, it fired only when aimed that is our case.

I have fired many hundred weapons in army life and never ever have I known a gun go off by itself . I do not say it cannot but it seems strange to me that they say it did . Now if the shell that was hard to fit in the chamber was fired it may well have blown up in Baldwins face jammed in the breach so to speak it would have had dire results. So we can dispense with such and move on to a bullet was fired and hit an innocent woman and killed her. Who is really in the frame? For me it is Alec Baldwin alone. He either had problems with staff or something more sinister will unfold. Or he pulled the trigger and in shock it went off? Not likely as he had bothered to aim at her . The Rest is he killer her . We can talk of every aspect but nothing will change what happened . Who is guilty ? Baldwin .

Gun in hand live round aim fire .Then who loaded the gun with life round.That is the case we need to sort .My guess it was Baldwin as he had gone out of his way to find what gun the movie chose for him. Police must find why he wanted to kill her and where he went to find a live shell for a Colt .45 . Can be no real other case in question. Guns firing by themselves is a new one on me.

I cannot see any other way and will be so surprised if wrong as its a case of why not how . She was a young beauty did she refuse him as Baldwin has reputation of being fond of the ladies . Did he have sex with young starlet and she blackmailed him? It remains all in the air but my take on law is someone killed this victim it is not all accident the thing will not stack up as so.

It is not clear cut I know but if a gun is in hand of a man and he aims it we must look hard at the person who fired that gun .Nothing else can matter .Some one else fits a live round matters little as in Baldwins own hand it was fired at one person in a group means more than maybe. Only an idiot would have done this if innocent with hair trigger and blanks even. No one has said gun had a faulty trigger and if it had why was it on set? Baldwin said on TV interview that he did not pull the trigger . Well ! if so how come the gun went off in his hand? Makes no sense really. Gun in hand aim and off it went? What do you think???

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021

Why we build gardens .

I sat looking at my work. The noon sun making it a dream to behold. I sort of patted myself on the back .I was alone and only me to care for at that moment.

A soft gentle breeze crossed the garden driveway and kissed like a lover my cheek as it ran its courses.The sweet scent of Fantin latore rose in full bloom in the air was a magical moment of desire for life.

It was about now my mind, a trained historian, thought of the origins of garden builds. How first became a gardeners. Well! Adam in Eden perhaps if any on that tale is true. Then a garden is a whole work not just man in this union with earth but plants water and sound all play a part. All a design can be is to tame mother nature int what ever you see in mind and for a wish to create heaven on earth. So in history we have the Roman gardens of plenty .Olives and veg and odd plantings of herbs with seat to rest in the shade and dine as Romans know how to.

It went through fashions and religion crept in with statues of the Gods of that time. .So it became church like .Over time in England at least the Roman God was replaced by a little Urn and later still an Elf brightly painted replaced the God taking the garden farther away from religion into a world of plants and plants men and women.

We still, I think, relate to the promise made in the Bible and in other works of time that tell us God lives in a garden. So perhaps in building a garden a small element related to pleasing God.

The nature thing is there too as a gardens need is to be weed free and tidy but even so wildlife will benefit but hedges to nest in and water fountains on hot days to drink from .Hedgehogs find warmth in compost bays and insects too. To build a bird box and a cozy hole in rock garden woodland glade a box made inside the rocks the Hedgehog will find it for sure. As long as its waterproof and big enough the animal will fill it with leaves and straw and feathers from birds. Making her own bed for the long winter. Her deeds with eating pests such as slugs will help Hostas grow and other plants survive. A gardeners true friend is the Hedgehog.

We move away from the thread I fear. If man had no desire to create gardens would never have been. So in that are we part of nature. I think we are if we desire to work with Mother Earth not against her we may be helping the planet even more than just planting trees.

With all our rain forests being cut down we loose more than just the sweetness of air but the fine mesh of life vanishes. Prince Charles who planted wild flower meadows and many many trees at Highgrove was so right. We all need to plant a tree even if you have only a small front garden . Trees need to be replaced as it is how we were designed to breath clean sweet air and trees clean like filters and give scent and moisture to the air we breath .Stop winds provide security and look amazing . Trees are your life line you must know.

Wild flower areas help bees survive and bees are the garden helpers .With out bees mankind will perish .Yet bees owing to chemical and farm sprays are killing off bees .Now like our virus caused by our own greed in timber and wealth ,bees too have contacted a viral killer which is clearing vast areas of Europe of bees .Once they go its good bye man kind . We need to plant for bees and wild flower meadow ,even a corner of a small garden or in pots will help save what few we have left.

The song of summer seems far way and snow lays evenly deep across the flat land of gardens to the minstrel gallery of the forest tops beyond . Deer slots all around my fenced protection to my top field art and craft build of garden rooms . Once they ruined my every effort but now that salad bar is closed to them they will roam from here and find more delights of the unwary. Cutting down forests here to sent Baltic Pine all over world is making deer homeless and into gardens they now go. Easy prey to wolf and bear but man just could not care.

Sad world we occupy and too many humans to feed is not what we need. We will use up all or time and wealth in no time at all unless you can grow what you eat.

I sat on my bench so happy until I came to this last thought we build gardens to make the world our own. We need to take action dont allow forests to be cut down dont accept we are not minions rise up like Gods children and play your part in saving the planet .Plant trees grow fruit and veg among the border flowers as old cottage gardens knew the benefits of doing so. Leave no bare earth as nature fills it in with weeds. So in with plants first. Then feed the borders first as the answer to best production lays in the soil .

We build gardens because its is our right and Gods wish we should as all the gardens together may help in saving earth. I rose from my rest and set into working the compost again. Yes gardening is helpful to all Im sure of it. It keeps your mind flexible your body fit and time passes with work and joy of achievements.

My love to all .Sir K .

copyright Kevin Parr Bt December 2021

Some important words

Todays news of 30th November informs us that a 3 year old boy shot dead his 5 year old cousin at a celebration at girls parents home. Where but in America. Where else?

No place in the American law does it say the members of public can legally be armed. Yet all think that an amendment made 200 years ago allows them to carry a gun, a sub machine gun and fill home with arms . We see that gun death figures in USA are highest in world. The death of this little innocent child is not rare as it is in evidence that many times people have died in own home with gun loading or murder by another house member

The lobby to protect the right to be armed is totally wrong as no right was ever granted by Government or the original leaders of the new nation . It was for those made up to protect them that the law was passed when the British army came in to take over .British too were most of that Government who gave gun right to many but never to a nation .No Government would sanction such at own peril of public over take .

We the British have law that says we can wear a sword .It was so from centuries back but then the poor and most of the public could not afford the cost. So gentlemen the sword was mentioned for. We dont need it now. We dont want guns we the main section of public dont carry a knife even . Few crimes of that nature exist in England owing to that fact.

When will the America Government see sense and take action to stop this insanity of carrying guns in public or even being allowed to carry or use guns as no right exits if you read what is written it does not allow Tom, Dick, Harry and the Devil himself to strap on a firearm crying the British are coming. It was never intended to arm up the nation unless they signed up to fight. It was for those who served the Government only was that amendment made .

Have gun, will use it, it is not to knock nails in wall it is intent to use it .Only mad man would want to kill anything that cant defend its self .Gun is to kill so why buy one if not. It is not what Americans wish to hear but is the truth .end of case .

Copyright Sir Kevin Parr Bt 2021

The great Latvian bank fraud

In year late 1990s Parex bank led the way for investors.The Government placed the national pension fund into this high street bank. Suddenly bank started loans to Russian business men.

As Russia was under sanctions it was illegal to get involved. A man who came from America to help run this bank detected a scandal and started the ball rolling by advising client account holders to bank else where. He was then pulled from his bed at home and deported to Spain with nothing in his pocket. House lost all his goods and car lost to him .Warned by Russian Mafia to lie low and dumped from the plane.

Government involved as back collapsed with all pensions and peoples savings declared bankrupt. Cash vanished into oligarth pockets and Russian Latvian members of finance. People in public in year 2000 lost all they had .

Government did nothing now pay just 100 euro a month to pensioners in the main. As pensions fund vanished in bank fraud.

Parex bank was over and the whistle blower has now written a book about the worse bank fraud in history Its an E book also. His name is john Christmas and I know him . Many big names in riches in Riga benefited from the crime and may be this book is over due with justice .Never the less if you like a good fraud crime with who dun it, read this book .KGB BANKER. Promises to be the book of the age and a best read certainty. John Christmas said 2billion euro of public accounts went into pockets of just two Russian billionaires. Also Latvian Government is in hands of Putin yet get away with EU membership . He said it is a European problem stopped and covered by Hilary Clinton support of the Government that got away with all. Is it a wonder that some 20000o Latvians left to live in Britain and America. Leaving only one million population existing in Latvia.

You see Latvia was EU at time and still is but Moscow still has hold of Latvian reins and yet EU say nothing just hand out huge grants that also vanish as roads in Latvia come into grant as Europes worse biblical sand pits so were do the grants go for roads? John has many papers and facts on what went on but is it still going on today? One can only say nothing is out of the question if politics is your game which thankfully not mine . Read the book and see that even the fiddle over Icelandic bank is linked to this story .I leave the two writers of KGB BANKER to tell you the full story which is all the facts and will make panic over what can go wrong . watchable movie it will make soon. Thankfully none of it affects me directly and all English living here say same . Live goes on. The big overall problem of fraud affects all of us in some way or other as cost of living rises owing to it. I say read Johns book he is co writer of this whistleblowing amazing report .In this full proof of what was covered up and how it was done,but more amazing is who is at the top

amazon ebooks. gp/product/1620066696. KGB banker

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